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Logix Consulting is a boutique firm that provides high quality professional services to the marine, recreational vehicle, specialty vehicle and off-grid power system industries. We are known for our creativity and problem-solving skills and clients highly appreciate our individual caseby- case attendion to detail. Logix Consulting specialise in building creative solutions that honour each project’s distinct features and are committed to integrating multiple aspects of design and engineering.

Our Exclusive Services

Combining Education, Advanced Products and Correct Practices to create innovative solutions for protection, prevention and performance.



Logix Consulting can expertly diagnose complex corrosion issues from multiple sources found in the marine environment including electrolytic, galvanic, environmental and protection failures. Our services include recreational and commercial vessels from small weekenders to large-scale Navy vessels and marinas throughout Australasia.



Central to the aim of improving current practices through supporting innovation and practical solutions to government, OEM and trade, Logix Consulting has a strong focus on training and education through providing unique layered technical solutions backed up by national support and service.


OEM Development

Logix Consulting works closely with key marine vessel and recreational and specialist vehicle manufacturers to develop greater performance and asset protection on the factory floor. Our OEM development has reduced build costs and improved efficiency and performance for key manufacturers throughout Australia.

Meet the team

We are building the team necessary to realise our vision.

John Doe
John Doe
Founder & Creative Director
Mohd Lenon
Mohd Lenon
Branding & Web Designer
Samy Roe
Samy Roe
Team Leader
Smith Doe
Smith Doe
Development Officer


Supporting innovation and practical solutions.

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